Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ideal Day

So this is an Artists Way exercise for week 8, which I am currently in the tail end of.  It's follow-up to a previous exercise, in which we must list 20 of our favorite things to do.  The first part of this exercise requires us to plan our ideal day, in our life as it is constituted now (a day we could actually do, financially, etc.)  I won't share my list, but here's my ideal day.

A SATURDAY (because my ideal day does NOT include my job)

0800 - Wake up.  (Do pages.)
0815 - Brekky.  Delicious waffles!  And probably fruit.  Read during brekky.
0915 - Get dressed in gym clothes.
0930 - Leave for Zumba!  (Sing in car.)
1015 - Zumba!
1115 - Go home.  (Sing in car.)
1200 - Shower.
1230 - Get dressed in something cute but comfortable, suitable for walking around downtown.
1245 - Go on photo walk in downtown Mytown.  Explore cemeteries.
1345 - Lunch at a great burger place in downtown Mytown - delish veggie burger and pickle!!!!
1430 - More photos, or some writing on the go.  Poetry or short story ideas.
1530 - Go home.  Nap.
1600 - Organize Captain's Ready Room aka my study.
1630 - Watch anime (Sailor Moon).
1830 - Dinner.  Something yummy.  Possibly sushi.
1930 - Play Rock Band II - sing and show off at the same time!!  Ha!! 
2030 - Probably hang out with people, seeing as how I have been alone all day. 
2345 - Hot chocolate, because if I have it right before bed I tend to have more vivid dreams.
2200 - Bed.

The next part of the exercise requires me to plan my ideal ideal day, in my life as I WISH it was constituted.  That should be fun.