Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wait

Yesterday, I finally sucked it up and sent my story out to an online SpecFic magazine.  I was fretting and worrying and re-formatting for days, and then realized that it was all behavior that enabled me to not actually send the story out.

I was mostly waiting to hear my uncle's opinion of it, because he has experience in the fiction market and I figured he would be able to tell me whether it would sell or not.  He takes forever to read things, and I realized that I was holding onto that "forever" like a lifeline, because it was a gate between me and the world. 

It was all stall tactics.  No matter how much I trust my uncle's judgment, he's not the editor of the magazine I submitted the story to, and THAT'S who I have to impress. 

So, yesterday, I checked the formatting one last time, put together a brief cover letter, and sent "Lightbringer" on her way. 

I want to say I don't think they'll like it, that it probably won't even make it past the slush pile, but I know that's only my inner critic talking, because my inner artist is jumping for joy - that I really believed I had a story strong enough to show the world, and that I finally, finally made that leap. 

If this particular magazine doesn't like it, there are others I can try.  So we shall see.  But I'm excited either way, and now it's just down to the wait to hear back.